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Celebrating the Best of 2021

Celebrating the Best of 2021

December 16, 2021

Yay! We’ve made it through another year of the RiSe Women Secrets of Confident Women podcast, and what an INCREDIBLE year it’s been! 

Of course, we’ve all had a challenging year for so many reasons, but every guest on our podcast brought something amazing to our lives and we’re SO happy to share the BEST and most insightful moments with you in our 2021 Wrap-Up episode. 

In the last conversation of 2021, join Jodie and Anastasia to: 

- find out what our most listened-to podcast for 2021 was; 

- discover (or re-discover) amazing tips, tricks and techniques around nailing it in an interview, thriving through adversity, how to manage perfectionism and imposter syndrome and SO much more! 

- explore some of the amazing ways that all of our incredible guests motivate themselves, to make intentional and lasting change in their lives; 

- hear all the best answers to the question “What does Confidence mean to you?” 

- discover Jodie and Anastasia’s highlights and the moment that brought Jodie to tears (literally); 

- find out the main themes that we heard come up over and over again, in ALL of our interviews; 

- listen to the best RiSe Women Power Question responses; 

- celebrate the learning, growth and personal development that we’ve all experienced in the past year, with the help of these inspiring conversations.  

If there’s one podcast episode you want to listen to, to finish off 2021 with a BANG, make it this one. 

It will inspire and uplift you, and leave you feeling strong and empowered, and there’s no better way to start a new year, with new dreams and new aspirations. 

From both of us at RiSe Women, enjoy the holiday break, spend time with loved ones, relax and recharge. 

We can’t wait to come back bigger and better than ever in 2022, with even MORE amazing SECRETS OF CONFIDENT WOMEN. 

But til then, always remember... Be YOU!  We like her BEST!


x Jodie & Anastasia

Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful… with Becca Powers

Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful… with Becca Powers

November 18, 2021

If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, undervalued and unappreciated, then THIS episode is definitely for YOU! And it’s for EVERY woman whose default setting is stuck on BUSY! 

In today’s episode, Jodie speaks with Becca Powers - a high-achieving and award-winning sales executive, and the author of the incredible new book ‘Harness your Inner CEO’

Becca dropped out of college, became a single mum of two by 28, has worked for Fortune 500 giants, has won awards and managed teams and now she’s a motivational speaker who helps women prioritise themselves, rediscover their worth and become the CEO of their own lives. 

Join Jodie and Becca in this candid and insightful conversation about: 

- Becca’s powerful working mantra and how an ex-boss inspired the birth of her book title; 

- how Becca’s life took a complete turn whilst she was on the bathroom floor; 

- what a ‘sacrifice mindset’ is, how it led her to 2 anxiety disorders, an autoimmune disease and hair loss, and why ‘powering through’ is sometimes the worst thing you can do; 

- why the life of your dreams shouldn’t come at an unsustainable price, and why women should NEVER have to choose between success and happiness; 

- why learning to say NO is as awkward and uncomfortable as brushing your teeth with the other hand, but is CRUCIAL to reclaiming power and control over your life; 

- Becca’s ‘unders and overs’ and the power of the word ‘AND’; 

- how to wear many different hats at the SAME time (mum, corporate career woman, friend, etc), how to feel present in the moment and how to stop feeling guilty about it all; 

- how to find the right order when it comes to prioritising yourself, your health and your well-being, and the difference between ‘structure’ and ‘rules’; 

- how and why you MUST create your own fan club to stay confident and have a back-up plan when you start to second guess yourself; 


This episode is incredibly powerful and sadly, one that we can ALL relate to because as women, most of us have been in a position of overwhelm, guilt and despair at some point in our lives. 

So, if you’re feeling like you’re about to hit rock-bottom or you know what it feels like to ALWAYS be busy but still always feel like you’re not doing enough, then this is definitely the episode for you because Becca’s transformation WILL inspire and motivate you. 


x Jodie & Anastasia



How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

October 28, 2021

If you’re a woman who LOVES empowering other women, then THIS is the episode for you!!! 

Join Jodie as she interviews Jane Finette - the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a Certified Professional Coach and the author of Unlocked - How Empowered Women Empower Women. 

Join Jodie and Jane in this inspiring interview, as they discuss: 

- what research actually confirms about the real-life global benefits of women empowering women; 

- how comparison and self-doubt led to insights about the type of leader she was and the type of leader she WANTED to be; 

- why MEN also need to see, and be empowered by, women in leadership positions; 

- why trying to be someone you’re not, and not aligning with your values, is like trying to hold a beach-ball under water - exhausting and pointless; 

- the inspiration behind - Unlocked - and why Jane felt compelled to write a book about hope, positivity and empowerment, during a time when the world seems disillusioned and lost; 

- why trust is crucial when it comes to empowerment, because your words and actions will have ripple effects that you may NEVER know about; 

- why small daily and multiple acts of feminism are critical for female empowerment, because if you help one woman, you help ALL women; 

- the frightening statistics related to the 36-year loss of progress for women in 2020 alone, due to the Covid 19 pandemic; 

- Jane’s perspective on how to create and maintain your own confidence, and also how to help other women create and maintain theirs; 

- why it’s SO important for women to end the secrecy, break the rules and talk about money (and share how to generate, manage, invest and increase it) to create financial independence. 


This SUCH an amazing episode and so inspiring to listen to, because it gives us a great starting point from which to have these really powerful conversations about female empowerment, gender equality and positive progress.


x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Jane 
Website - The Coaching Fellowship
LinkedIn - Jane Finette
Purchase the Book - Unlocked 


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Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential – with Renie Cavallari

Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential – with Renie Cavallari

October 14, 2021

Join Jodie and her exciting guest - Renie Cavallari - as they discuss something that we ALL struggle with (yes, YOU too!) - that incessant, taunting and destructive internal negative voice, or as Renie calls it - our Head Trash! 

Renie is a speaker, an avid traveller, an aspiring jazz flutist, the CEO of a global transformational training company, the founder of the RCI Institute and the author of 6 books, one of which is titled ‘Head Trash - The Leading Killer of Human Potential’. 

In today’s episode, Jodie and Renie take a deep dive into: 

- the impact that our Head Trash has on our confidence and how it manipulates our ego, our emotions and our creativity; 

- why she turned down a promotion AND quit from her high-flying corporate job.... on the same day; 

- how our ego and other people’s thoughts influence our inner voice and our life choices and why some people can tap into their potential and others find it SO elusive; 

- why connection is the key to being a better human being (find out more about this at @14:38); 

- TPM - find out what it is and why Renie runs her company based on these 3 little letters; 

- how the negative imprint from a Head Trash session after a presentation lasted for years, and still have her obsessed with what to wear at presentations - check it out @22:17; 

- the actual definition of Head Trash @26:47; 

- the sudden death of her brother when she was only 4 years old, and the imprints that this experience left on her @29:05; 

- an alternative definition of compassion @35:00 which is SO relevant to the state of the world right now; 

- a quick insight into the top 29 tools to help you manage your Head Trash @42.43; 

- self-awareness and self-reflection - how your feelings and thoughts are interconnected, and how they both lead to your actions; 

- discovering your BIG LIE and how that is the key to uncovering your true potential; 

And there’s SO much more that this episode has in store for you. Renie is fantastic to listen to and we KNOW this conversation will give you so many A-HA moments and confidence insights. 

Join Jodie and Renie and learn how to manage your Head Trash once and for all! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Renie
Website -
Discover Your BIG LIE™ Assessment -


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How to Achieve When You‘re Told You Can‘t - with Kelly Lewis

How to Achieve When You‘re Told You Can‘t - with Kelly Lewis

September 30, 2021

This week, Jodie interviews women’s travel entrepreneur, empowerment leader and author of the fantastic new book - Tell Her She Can’t - Kelly Lewis.

In this exciting conversation, Jodie and Kelly talk about:

- Kelly’s book - Tell Her She Can’t - which includes the incredible stories of 35 women, who were told they couldn’t... but then DID; 

- how an early childhood surrounded by abuse forced her to step up and be resilient, defiant and strong; 

- how a conversation with her mother, when she was only 11 years old, drove her to become the creator of her own life; 

- why always looking back on (and celebrating) your achievements is a great way to keep building your confidence; 

- the strength and confidence that comes from travelling the world (especially on your own) and why it makes you feel unstoppable; 

- why ‘I can’t’ is often code for ‘I’m scared’ and how that impacts your life; 

- the sad reality of living your life fighting against other people’s limiting beliefs and learning to trust your own passion and abilities instead; 

- how to remove the block-makers (aka the ‘naysayers’) from your life, to live your best and most self-expressed life and why finding ‘stillness’ is so important; 

- how they both started their personal development journeys from the SAME starting point; 

- AND... the special story behind the dedication in Kelly’s book (it even made Jodie tear-up); 

Kelly has an incredible attitude towards control over your life and building your confidence and we know this interview will give you some really great feel-good a-ha moments. 


Jodie & Anastasia


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From Super Shy to Super Confident - with Lauren Yeates

From Super Shy to Super Confident - with Lauren Yeates

September 16, 2021

Join Jodie as she interviews Lauren Yeates - celebrity interviewer, entertainment reporter and the owner of Rave It Up, an Australian-owned platform and podcast that provides Celebrity News, Reviews and Interviews.  

In this great conversation that showcases Lauren’s incredible transformation, Jodie and Lauren discuss: 

- how Lauren began her journey and her business in interviewing celebrities (it all started with her number one Justin Bieber fan club and the Justice Crew); 

- how she went from really caring what other people thought, to growing her confidence to a point where she couldn’t care less; 

- why living within the boundaries of her comfort zone was holding her back, and which event she attended at 15 years old, that changed her life forever; 

- how insights and a-ha moments can propel you forward and change the course of your life in ways you could never imagine; 

- Lauren’s toolbox of techniques to help her break-away from her shy-girl persona and be the confident woman she always wanted to be; 

- the power that social media has over us, and how to create healthier online habits; 

- how she boosts her confidence before a celebrity interview and what she does to make sure she has  prepared the best questions possible; 

- why you need to own, and really feel, ALL your emotions (yes, even the bad ones) if you want to be able to work through them; 

This inspiring interview with a fun and insightful woman will be a great way to get yourself into a really positive headspace, so make sure you don’t miss this one (and don’t forget to share it with all your friends)! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Lauren

Facebook: @raveitupshow
Instagram: @raveituptv


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Why you ABSOLUTELY must manage your Comparison Syndrome!

Why you ABSOLUTELY must manage your Comparison Syndrome!

September 2, 2021

So, if you’re an Aussie, you’ll know that... in Sydney, we’re well and truly into our 3rd month of continuous lockdown at the time that this episode was recorded. We’re all losing our minds, we’re cleaning out cupboards we didn’t even know we had, and we’re spending waaaay too much time on social media. Which means, we’re opening ourselves up to the horrifying Comparison Syndrome. 

Yep - every time you look at what some else has, is doing, or has achieved and you compare it to what YOU have, are doing or have achieved, you are suffering from Comparison Syndrome.... and it needs to STOP! 

Join Jodie and Anastasia in this episode where they have a really insightful, open and honest conversation about what Comparison Syndrome looks like and what you can do to stop it. 


You’ll learn: 

- what Comparison Syndrome really is, why we ALL suffer from it (yes, you too!) and how it can affect every aspect of our lives; 

- what the opposite of Comparison Syndrome is and why you’re DEFINITELY better off doing that instead; 

- a great story about when Jodie realised she was suffering from Comparison Syndrome, while she was actually lecturing her son about not doing the same thing; 

- why comparing your journey to someone else’s is actually counter-productive, completely demotivating and just a complete waste of time; 

- how badly comparison damages your confidence and why it’s NEVER apples vs apples when you’re comparing yourself to someone else; 

- why you should pretend to be an elite athlete and ALWAYS strive for your own PB; 

- and.... 5 fantastic confidence-building techniques that will help you to stop comparing INSTANTLY! 


This episode WILL help you with lockdown, with social media comparisons and with your life in general, because it will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to stop comparison and just get on with living your best life possible. 

So, join Jodie and Anastasia and stop Comparison Syndrome once and for all! 


Jodie & Anastasia  x


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Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back - with health journalist, Casey Beros

Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back - with health journalist, Casey Beros

August 19, 2021

What a fun new episode we have for you! 

Join Jodie this week as she interviews health journalist, tv presenter, magazine contributor, mum, parallel-parking champion and author of “The Bad Girl’s Guide to Good Better” - Casey Beros. 

In this funny and colourful interview, Jodie and Casey have a fantastic conversation about: 

- how her curiosity has led her to become a conduit between customers and clinicians, to help people navigate the science-heavy information people often receive when it comes to their health; 

- how she helps people distinguish between opinions and scientific and medical reality, especially in the current climate of social-media led gullibility; 

- why being in someone’s life... and allowing others into your life... is a privilege, and not to be taken lightly; 

- why having nerves before doing something important is CRUCIAL to perform at your best; 

- why she’s terrified about the idea of her life ending too soon and the fact that life is too short to waste any more time carrying around your mistakes; 

- how she incorporates perspective, gratitude and regular reality checks into her day-to-day life because.... the past cannot be re-written, so the best option is to bring your ‘old’ selves with you; 

- research-based data on the number of serious secrets people carry around with them at any given time (this will definitely surprise you); 

- why you need to separate WHAT you’ve done from WHO you are and why it’s futile to worry about worrying; 

- Casey’s take on the 4 A’s of Anxiety (you’ll find theses at @25.45) and how the 3rd A is actually a good one; 

- a great analogy about comparison syndrome and why it’s just like buying a house; 

- Casey’s 2 top tips about how to stop worrying about what other people think; 

- why you might never have the friendships out of Sex & the City, and that’s ok (even scientific research says so).


This really is one of the best conversations EVER with a woman who is her own biggest critic AND fan! And she can teach you why you should be too. 

It’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s raw and it has great energy so make sure you take 46mins out of your time this week and join Jodie and Casey for a BFF chat that you won’t regret.


Jodie & Anastasia  x


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Addiction & Despair to Strength & Confidence - with Angie Chaplin

Addiction & Despair to Strength & Confidence - with Angie Chaplin

August 5, 2021

If you’re looking for a story about courage and confidence through unbelievable adversity to inspire and amaze you, then this week’s episode is for you. 

Angie Chaplin has had a rough run - through despair, addiction, the loss of her job, the death of a close friend and the end of her marriage, there’s not much about pain and suffering that Angie hasn’t recently experienced. But her story is so much more than that. 

Despite the chaos of all her experiences, in addition to moving to a new city, a health crisis, career changes and a failed suicide attempt, Angie prevailed - with a sense of strength and determination that is almost superhuman.

With an amazing achievement of 505 days sober at the time of this episode, Angie has learnt how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and is now the proud founder and owner of Mindful Leadership, an inspiring coaching and consulting practice.

She’s a speaker, a coach and an educator, and in this episode, Jodie and Angie have an eye-opening conversation about: 

- self-awareness and why it’s key to managing isolation; 

- how a loss of self can lead to a series of dangerous, destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms; 

- why your behaviours should always align with your values, how to achieve this and how forgiveness of yourself will always help you to move forward; 

- how addiction was used to numb the pain and memories, but why it was a pointless exercise every time; 

- why it actually took 5 hospitalisations, a week in intensive care and 2 options from a straight-talking doctor, to realise the absolute severity of the situation; 

- the importance of intentionally and creatively looking for connections and positive influences when trying to heal or manage during challenging times; 

- why you should never be afraid to admit that you’re stuck or overthinking, if you have the right people around you to turn to for feedback, help or guidance; 

- how leadership exists at every level in life and why you don’t need to be a CEO to be a leader - ‘Leadership is everyday people making extraordinary things happen.’ 

- why preparation, self-awareness and surrounding yourself with the right people, are the key elements to maintaining high levels of confidence; 

- why identifying, acknowledging and owning feelings of negative thinking and self-doubt, will always help you work through them, if you want to achieve; 

- Angie’s # 1 tip for how to recognise personal addiction and start on the journey towards healing and recovery;


This really is a great conversation with insightful tips from a woman who’s seen it all and has emerged from the despair and darkness, in the most positive, self-aware and confident way. She’s taken back control of her life and turned it into something incredible and happy.  

So, if lockdown or any other life-challenges are testing you at the moment and holding you back from living your best life possible, tune in to this episode and let Angie teach you about the healthy coping mechanisms which took her from addiction and despair.... to strength and confidence!


Jodie & Anastasia  x


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Confidence, Kindness& Empowering our Youth - with Heather Miller

Confidence, Kindness& Empowering our Youth - with Heather Miller

July 22, 2021

What an uplifting and fantastic 60 minutes we have in store for you! This is an hour of your life you’ll want to relive over and over again. 

Join Jodie as she interviews the incredibly vibrant and inspiring Heather Miller - the founder of The Kindness Hub, a social engineer and speaker, 2016’s NSW Local Woman of the Year and SO much more. 

Heather consults for leading universities, has trekked through the Himalayas and has a strong passion for youth development. Her life trajectory changed after meeting an incredible woman on a flight, and her journey started at just 15 years old, when she used her pocket money to create Kindness Postcards for her neighbourhood. And NOW... she’s impacted over 10,000 young people in 20 different countries, at only 26 years old!! 

Join Jodie and Heather for their insightful conversation about: 

- the impact of the tiny little ripples that each individual makes in the world and why she thinks of herself as a volcano (did you know confidence = lava? Find out why (@ 8:15); 

- why choosing to dive into something she’s afraid of, ALWAYS makes her feel most confident; 

- Heather’s 3 hot tips on how to communicate with confidence, to help you listen to understand, not respond (@14:51 - you don’t want to miss these); 

- why you should intuitively listen to your body as much as your mind, when you need help making a decision; 

- how the ‘monkey-see, monkey-do’ mentality applies to parenting teens and why we just need to trust them and give them the autonomy they are craving; 

-  the # 1 MOST asked question by parents during a Q & A session at one of her youth programs (check this out @28:55); 

- why negotiation is SO valuable when communicating with your teen (as opposed to straight disciplinary action) and how it helps to foster a deeper understanding; 

- the power of following the RIGHT hashtags, and how to fill your feed AND your life with all the best feels; 

-  the tear-jerking story @ 38:15, when Heather made a woman at a train station cry. 


Heather really is a kindness warrior, and you’ll feel it yourself as you listen to her speak about what’s important to her, what drives her to spread kindness far and wide, and her mission to make kindness a universal habit (starting with her 4-month Kindness Tour around Australia, funded by YOU). 

This is one of those feel-good episodes jam-packed with SO many great tips, tricks and techniques and the kindness and positive energy oozing through this conversation is infectious. 

Trust us, you DON’T want to miss this... or her funny shark story (and tombstone inscription) starting @46:14 ;) 

x Jodie & Anastasia


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Is Your Perfectionism Destroying Your Confidence - with Dr Margaret Rutherford

Is Your Perfectionism Destroying Your Confidence - with Dr Margaret Rutherford

July 8, 2021

Join Jodie as she interviews Dr Margaret Rutherford PhD - host of The Self Work podcast, author of the book Perfectly Hidden Depression, and a psychologist with 25 years’ worth of professional experience. 

The need to be (or APPEAR to be) perfect can become a chronic issue for so many women,  so we know you’ll all find this so valuable. Perfectionism often leads to self-criticism, stress, anxiety, fear of failure and can also often be a mask for depression, so if you’ve EVER felt any of these emotions, then THIS is the episode for you. 

In this episode, Jodie and Dr Margaret have an amazingly insightful conversation on perfectionism and how it can affect our confidence. They share funny stories, real-life insights and invaluable information on: 

- how she went from a singer of jingles to a battered womens’ shelter volunteer to a psychologist... in the space of 9 years; 

- a fantastic technique on how to label and manage anxiety, to stop it from crippling you in your day-to-day life; 

- why you need to discover the inherent difference between “the swimmer who is trying to beat her best time in the pool, and the swimmer who constantly has her eye on the next lane, and is wondering if she is going to win.” 

- how constructed or goal oriented perfectionism (aka winning) can be so destructive to our confidence... if we CHOOSE to stay there; 

- why the voices in your head are often NOT your own; 

- why identifying elements of choice and joy in your decisions, is SO crucial to your confidence and your happiness; 

- why learning to say NO can sometimes lead to feelings of shame and guilt, and how to manage this (and understand where it comes from); 

- the connection between the fear of failure and the pursuit of perfectionism; 

- why slip-ups should be considered part of the process, and NOT a failure; 

- the 3 different types of perfectionism, and which one of them is an absolute recipe for disaster; 

- how changing a light bulb can change your life; 

- and SO much more!!! 


We could spend ALL day telling you how great this episode is, OR... you can have a listen and discover it for yourself. 


x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Dr Margaret Rutherford:

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Self-love, positivity and body-image confidence… with Brittany Newman

Self-love, positivity and body-image confidence… with Brittany Newman

June 24, 2021

For something a little different this week, Jodie interviews 18 year old Brittany Newman - a super-confident young woman who made an impact on Jodie and so many others at a recent RiSe Women workshop. 

Brittany is vibrant, proud and adventurous, has moved from beach to beach in her lifetime, is social-media savvy and sets an amazing example for other young women as a curve model - AND she paints on the side. 

Join Jodie and Brittany as they discuss:

- why self-love and confidence are so important during isolation and crisis; 

- how positivity and confidence are so inextricably linked; 

- how self-reflection and self-care give you the break you need to get back into the right mindset; 

- how Brittany used her favourite social media platforms as a forum for inspiration, by following only women who inspired and motivated her; 

- the catalyst that put her on the path of learning to truly love the body she has, that nurtures and supports her; 

- what she learnt from Jodie’s workshop, that led to an amazing realisation... that no-one really cares about the personal flaws that we obsess about;

- why you should always leave positivity behind first, BEFORE you unfollow; 

- how putting your phone down will ALWAYS open your eyes up to the beauty of the world around you. 


Brittany’s youth and insightfulness is fantastic and her amazing sense of self-awareness at such a young age is inspiring to women of all ages. No judgment, no negativity, no pressure and no toxicity - just self-love, positivity and acceptance.

If this is what the women of our future look like, then we’re in good hands. Listen in on this one, and make sure to share it with your all your friends - young, old and everything in between.  ;)


x Jodie & Anastasia


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Connect with Brittany at @brittanynewmann

Confidence, Resilience and what it takes to win GOLD - with Paralympian Ellie Cole

Confidence, Resilience and what it takes to win GOLD - with Paralympian Ellie Cole

June 10, 2021

OMG! Star-struck doesn’t even BEGIN to explain how Anastasia was feeling when she was interviewing the incredible, super-fun, award-winning AND gold medal-winning Paralympian Ellie Cole. 

Join Anastasia and Ellie in their amazing conversation, where they discuss: 

- some of the perspective shifts that get her through day-to-day living AND the Paralympics; 

- why preparation and trust are SO important to keeping her confidence levels high; 

- why focusing on the end result is never as important as getting the process right; 

- how she manages the what if’s WAY before they ever happen; 

- the value of consistent small steps and personal ‘check-ins’ when you want to smash your goals; 

- why Ellie LOVED our Secrets of Confident Women Imposter Syndrome podcast episode (yay!) and what she got from it; 

- how she managed crippling self-doubt and negative thoughts at a really crucial time in her career and what she did to lift her confidence base-level; 

- what 0.02 of a second cost her at the Rio Paralympics and how it completely changed her relationship with failure; 

- the skill and value of goal setting - something that Ellie learnt when she was just 8 years old! 

And SOOOO much more! This really is one of our favourites and we know you’ll love it too. 

Inspirational, fun and game-changing - this episode really WILL change the way you think about adversity, life-challenges and confidence-building in general.  

AND... find out who you definitely DON’T want to be chased by in a pool... ;) 

We promise - you don’t want to miss this! And once you’re done, don’t forget to find Ellie on socials and wish her luck for the Tokyo Paralympics. We can’t wait to watch and we know she’ll be AMAZING! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Ellie:
Website –

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Broken to Bold - from a failed marriage to a life she loves - with Jen Bowers

Broken to Bold - from a failed marriage to a life she loves - with Jen Bowers

May 27, 2021

Join us for this week’s episode where Jodie interviews Jen Bowers - the champagne-drinking, coffee-addicted, super-funny crazy cat lady - who managed to turn a marriage breakdown and redundancy during Covid, into a life that she fought for and that she’s proud of. 

Jen’s business journey has taken her from graphic-designer to brand strategist to being the founder of the fantastically successful Pink Pom Pom Social, which she created to help people navigate the challenges and complexity of social media. 

Join Jodie and Jen as they discuss:

- how a challenging comment from her ex, drove her to take a life-changing (and super-scary) financial leap, to get what she wanted; 

- the daily mantra she repeats to herself, to remind her of her worth and keep her motivated and strong; 

- the cute and cheerful theme song that makes her happy and puts her in a great mood whenever she needs a pick-me-up; 

- why changing the narrative and choices in your life can make ALL the difference to your confidence; 

- the undeniable power of gratitude, especially in the face of adversity and grief; 

- why you should always bravely jump straight into the DIS-comfort zone, if you want to make game-changing decisions in your life; 

- how to manage the mean-girl in your head, and silence her when she starts to talk rubbish.


Take a journey with Jodie and Jen, where we discover what it takes to go from dark and soul-destroying to beautiful and courageous.

This episode is for anyone who’s been through a break-up, a break-down or a difficult time, and who wants to hear first-hand confidence techniques from a woman who intentionally and powerfully turned her life around.

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Jen:

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The Confidence to Nail Your Next Interview - with Michelle Rubinstein

The Confidence to Nail Your Next Interview - with Michelle Rubinstein

May 13, 2021

Join us in our latest episode, where Anastasia speaks with Michelle Rubinstein - a confident woman with over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing, recruitment and leadership expertise. 

Michelle loves helping her clients recruit the absolute best talent for their business. She also loves elevating the profile of women in leadership roles, spending time with her family and a bit of retail therapy every now and then. 

And in this super-interesting and insightful episode, she gives us all her best tips and tricks on how to nail it in your next interview. 

Whether you’re just starting your work-life after completing your studies, changing careers, or getting back into the workforce after a break, these tips will put you in the best possible position to excel in your next interview and project your most confident self. 

Join Anastasia and Michelle as they discuss: 

  • how support from the right people gave her the strength to take an amazing leap of faith;
  • the best tips for how to make the most impactful first impression, from the moment someone reviews your resumé; 
  • why employers LOVE it when you’re absolutely honest about gaps and pivots in your work history;
  • the BEST way to create a succinct and effective resume that will get noticed (YES - you actually get a step-by-step guide!);
  • great practical techniques on how to project your most confident self, in phone and virtual interviews;
  • why you should NEVER say no to an interview or introductory conversation;
  • why employers actually DON’T want you to tick all the boxes; and 
  • Michelle’s 5 hot tips for how to nail your next interview.

This conversation really does have something for everyone - for every woman who’s heading back into the workforce, who wants to know how to project her most confident self and who wants to take her career to the next level.

And make sure to share this episode with all the wonderful women in your life - we ALL need these skills at one point or another, and sharing what we learn gets us all one step closer to our ultimate goal - to make confidence every woman’s new normal. 

x Jodie & Anastasia 


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Confidence, Courage and Living an Authentic Life with Sheila V

Confidence, Courage and Living an Authentic Life with Sheila V

April 29, 2021

In this new episode, Jodie speaks with Sheila V, an executive coach, a medium and a spiritual leader, who shares her incredibly inspiring story of transition and transformation. 

Sheila’s birth was literally the fusion of 2 domains - the daughter of a doctor-dad and a psychic medium-mum - which meant she experienced the pull of two diametrically opposed worlds. 

Join us this week to find out all about: 

- how she used the power of great mentors to help her distinguish between the old voices in her head that were keeping her stuck, and the new ones that would propel her forward; 

- how she transformed her limiting beliefs and self-sabotage to a beginners mindset and a need for curiosity when she changed careers; 

- why she strategically had to surround herself with the right people to become the person she really wanted to be; 

- her limiting beliefs around what success looks like and the constant social invalidation of being single, in a world that values the reassurance of marriage; 

- why burn-out, self-sacrifice and perfectionism are some of the biggest issues for women in the corporate sphere, especially when society rewards us for them; 

- how self-love = self-knowledge and why this will help you grow.


This discussion will take you in so many different directions, and help you to discover amazing things about courage, inspiration and living your authentic life. 

One of Sheila’s super-powers is to help others find THEIR super-power, and we know this conversation will help you to discover some of your own super-powers too.

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Sheila
Website -

Want to be a CONFIDENT WOMAN? 
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How to STOP Imposter Syndrome from Ruining Your Career!

How to STOP Imposter Syndrome from Ruining Your Career!

April 15, 2021

Here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for - How to STOP Imposter Syndrome from Ruining Your Career! 

Join us in this valuable and insightful episode, where Jodie and Anastasia talk all about the dreaded Imposter Syndrome - what it is, how it can show up for you and what you can do to manage it once and for all. 

In this episode, we dig deep into the core of this issue to discover: 
- why Imposter Syndrome affects SO many people (and women, in particular) - regardless of their age, culture, industry or pay-grade; 

- what it REALLY means when you feel like you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome; 

- all about Imposter Syndrome’s evil twin ;) 

- the 3 practical and oh-so-simple techniques to banish Imposter Syndrome from your life; 

- why it’s absolutely crucial to fail, if you want to kick Imposter Syndrome’s @ss; 

- how a small shift in your thoughts and words can have a huge impact on the effects of Imposter Syndrome; 

- why social media has a big role to play in the rise of Imposter Syndrome in the world; 

- ...and SO much more!!! 

We really love this episode because it dispels the myths around Imposter Syndrome whilst delving into the reasons WHY we feel it and what we can do to stop it if we ABSOLUTELY want to feel confident, powerful and worthy, both at home and in the workplace. 

So if you’re ready to kick Imposter Syndrome to the kerb once and for all, you won’t want to miss this!


x Jodie & Anastasia

Creating the Confidence to be BRAVE! - with Rose Oakley

Creating the Confidence to be BRAVE! - with Rose Oakley

April 1, 2021

Join us in this fun and inspiring interview where Anastasia speaks with Rose Oakley - a vibrant and passionate young woman, who’s mastered the art of creating the confidence to be brave. 

Rose has needed massive amounts of bravery, time and time again, to make really impressive life changes and in this conversation, she talks to us about: 

- how she’s gotten through the challenging professional and personal times in the past; 

- what techniques she uses to create the confidence to be brave, whenever self-doubt and limiting beliefs start to take over; 

- what she did to rebuild her confidence after moving overseas and then second guessing her decision on the very first day; 

- why she sometimes chooses NOT to trust what she thinks; 

- how she uses self-awareness and an internal check-system to re-frame her thoughts and make courageous decisions; 

- why finding herself a couple of great mentors changed EVERYTHING;  and

- how Imposter Syndrome has affected her in the workplace and what she did to overcome it. 

At such a young age, Rose has learnt lessons that take some of us YEARS to figure out. She's been really intentional about creating a community for herself, who support and encourage her. And with their help, she's become an expert in creating the confidence she needs to be courageous whenever she feels that her confidence levels may be dropping.

If you're on the verge of making some life-changing adjustments in your life, or you just want some real-life practical tips on what it takes to create the courage you need, then this is the episode for you.


x Jodie & Anastasia

Change Your Habits to Change Your Confidence - with Dr Gina Cleo

Change Your Habits to Change Your Confidence - with Dr Gina Cleo

March 18, 2021

What a great episode we have for you this week, on a topic that affects us ALL - how to change your habits for more confidence! 

Join us this week for Jodie’s eye-opening and game-changing conversation with Dr Gina Cleo. 

Dr Cleo has a PhD in Habit Change, is an Assistant Professor at Bond University, holds a Bachelor of Health and Science degree and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. It’s pretty clear she know EXACTLY what she’s talking about when it comes to habits and how we can change them to improve our confidence. 

She’s appeared in over 150 media outlets and owns the Habit Change Institute. And now, she’s joining us to help us understand what our habits are, and how we can change them to increase our confidence and transform our lives. 

Discover : 

- how her work as a dietician showed her that short term goals very rarely lead to ‘sustainable outcomes’; 

- the REAL amount of time it will actually take you to change your habits (don’t believe the myths!); 

- why and how people actually create habits, and what would happen if we didn’t; 

- the 3 key ingredients of a Habit Loop, and what you absolutely MUST do if you want to change a habit you’ve been repeating for years; 

- why discomfort and intentionality are CRUCIAL when you want to change your habits; 

- the balance of intensity and consistency needed to create a new habit; 

This episode is PERFECT for anyone who’s looking to change something in their life but feels like they’re stuck repeating the same old habits and behaviours.... over and over again. These tips WILL help you change your habits and increase your confidence! 

Still working on a New Year resolution? Want to lose weight? Stuck in a rut with business? Want to progress your career? Dr Cleo’s tips can help with it ALL, and so much more! 

Once you understand how habits work and what it takes to change them, you’ll actually be unstoppable! You’ll become someone who learns to recognise bad habits, and has the tools and techniques to change them EVERY TIME. 

This is definitely the episode you don’t want to miss!


Dr Gina Cleo links:
Website – Habit Change Institute
LinkedIn – 
Facebook –  
Instagram –  

Receive 5% discount when you join the Habit Change Practitioner Course by entering code RISEWOMEN5

How to Network with Confidence - with Janine Garner

How to Network with Confidence - with Janine Garner

February 25, 2021

Ok, confident women... we know this is an episode that you’ve all been waiting for because it’s about a topic that affects us ALL... especially in the workplace. 

Networking is all about working the room and doing it confidently. Today’s podcast guest, Janine Garner knows exactly how to do just that! 

Janine’s a best-selling author and a global expert on networking, collaboration, leadership and connection. AND she knows more than most about how to network with confidence! 

Learn about : 

  • what networking is REALLY about and why the power of connection is a game-changer;
  • how she transformed from the shy kid at the back of the class, to the confident woman she wanted to be, by getting out of her own way;
  • how she faked it til she made it, by being brave and using a lack of confidence as a trigger to recognise that she’s on the edge of something amazing;
  • how to remove the sales pitch and shallow transactional feel from a networking event, if you actually want to effectively connect with others;
  • what transformational networking is, and why you ABSOLUTELY need to know how to network in this way;
  • the 4 people you MUST look for and the 3 key things you MUST do, at a networking event;

If you're ready to network with confidence and change the way you connect with colleagues, clients and friends, then you don't want to miss this episode! 

Janine Garner
Website -
LinkedIn -
Facebook - @janinemgarner
Instagram - @janinegarner


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