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Parenting with CONFIDENCE and Raising Confident Kids… with Psychologist Clare Rowe

Parenting with CONFIDENCE and Raising Confident Kids… with Psychologist Clare Rowe

August 4, 2022

What an incredible interview we have for you this week! 

Join Anastasia as she interviews Clare Rowe, an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, the Principle of Rowe & Associates and an amazing woman who actually changed the course of Anastasia’s life. 

Clare helps both children and parents, she specialises in challenging behavioural difficulties and has the firm belief that children and families should NOT be in long term therapy. In fact, she goes so far as to say that, in the vast majority of cases, parents are the BEST therapists for children.

Join Anastasia and Clare as they discuss: 

  • the point in Anastasia’s life where she and Clare met, and the insights that have helped her parent her children ever since; 

  • valuable tips on how to navigate a divorce or family break-up, and managing the lack of parenting-confidence that often arises in these situations; 
  • Clare’s observations from her many clients, about the biggest influences on parenting today and the recurring themes she often sees; 
  • Clare’s ‘pink elephant’ exercise and how it relates to managing your thoughts; 
  • Clare’s go-to technique for managing self-doubt and fear, for both parents and children; 
  • what Clare’s learned from all her years of helping families, that’s made her the confident woman she is today; 
  • the quote that Clare lives by, that resonates with everyone, from 5 years old to adulthood.

And there’s SO much more! This episode is informative, insightful, inspiring and even a little emotional at times. 

We know that EVERY woman will find something valuable in this conversation. AND we know that this is definitely one that needs to be shared over and over again. 


Jodie & Anastasia  x
RiSe Women


Reclaim Your Confidence now that He’s Gone! - with Lorna Hollinger

Reclaim Your Confidence now that He’s Gone! - with Lorna Hollinger

July 21, 2022

Yes! She’s back! Jodie is thrilled to be RE-interviewing Lorna Hollinger! 

Lorna is an award-winning EFT Tapping Practitioner but this time, we’re asking her all about her brand-new best-selling book – Thank God He’s Gone - The Smart Woman’s Guide to Getting Back Your Personal Power and Reclaiming Your Confidence. 

In this fun and inspiring episode, Jodie and Lorna discuss the healing process after a relationship breakdown and so much more. 

Join them to learn all about: 

  • recognising triggers, seeing what you need to address in a relationship and figuring out what requires healing from a previous relationship; 
  • forgiveness and why it’s often the most difficult leg of the journey, because it means you need to own the part you played and stop being a victim; 
  • the crucial shift in perspective from ‘does he like ME?’ to ‘do I like HIM?’; 
  • knowing when to catch the constant dialogue that goes on in your head about who did what, and who’s to blame; 
  • the incredible sentiment behind the statement that ‘Single is a valid lifestyle choice’ and the power that comes with accepting this. 

You’ll LOVE this conversation, you’ll LOVE Lorna’s words of wisdom on how to heal after a relationship breakdown and we KNOW you’ll love the amazing energy and positivity that Jodie and Lorna have whenever they get together. 

And don’t forget to share this episode with all of the incredible women in your life who might need a little help getting back their personal power and reclaiming their lives. We know they’ll love it too! 

Jodie & Anastasia  x

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Building Business, Backing Yourself and Taking a Single, Imperfect Step - with Niccii Kugler

Building Business, Backing Yourself and Taking a Single, Imperfect Step - with Niccii Kugler

July 7, 2022

Join Jodie as she interviews the incredible Niccii Kugler - founder of Nash & Banks, a curated online platform and flagship Sydney store, which helps people discover ethical brands and sustainable solutions.

During this insightful conversation, you’ll learn :

- how change for the better begins with one single imperfect step in the right direction, that we can all take;

- how starting her own business was a natural progression for Niccii and why this particular path appealed to her;

- why ownership and accountability are key to developing your confidence and achieving personal growth and development;

- why it’s so important for us to model confidence for our children, but also, why it’s equally important to learn from them every day; 

- how her business was born from a time when Niccii was feeling isolated and a bit lost, and how her husband’s insights and encouragement turned it all around;

- where Niccii’s inspiration came from, what ignited her passion, and the driving force behind Nash & Banks;

- how Niccii faces challenges, surrounds herself with trusted advisors and gathers a wide range of perspectives to be able to pivot whenever she comes up against obstacles in business;

- about bold moves, the foundations that lay beneath them and the value of ‘educated guesses’;

- why launching your business when it’s ‘ready’... is too late, and why getting yourself motivated to launch when it’s ‘good enough’ is the way to go;

- the real reason behind the need for the Nash & Banks flagship store in Sydney, which evolved from stalls at the markets, to a bricks & mortar store... during the lockdown;

- all about the movement that Niccii supports and why she believes that many people doing something imperfectly, is SO much better than a few people doing something perfectly, especially when it comes to living ethically and sustainably;

- why a little bit of fear in business is a good thing, and why the things that you’re afraid of, are the very things that will help your business grow.

Both Niccii and her business are both an inspiration and something that the world really needs right now, so we KNOW you’ll love this episode and all of the nuggets of wisdom that come out of her conversation with Jodie.


Jodie & Anastasia
Rise Women

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5 Ways to Stop Guilt from Impacting Your Life & Your Choices

5 Ways to Stop Guilt from Impacting Your Life & Your Choices

June 23, 2022

In this game-changing episode, Jodie & Anastasia talk about all of the different types of guilt that women have to deal with on a daily basis, and how that guilt can manifest itself in their lives and their choices. 

In this eye-opening episode, you’ll learn about: 

  • the many MANY types of guilt that women face every single day, and why we put SO much pressure on ourselves to always get everything right; 

  • the 3 choices you have when the guilt has become overwhelming (well, it’s 2 really... the 3rd one shouldn’t even be an option for confident women); 
  • 5 incredible, easy and life-changing techniques that you can start using TODAY to help you stop letting guilt control your life and your decisions; 
  • How your brain works when it’s processing guilt, the neuroscience behind our techniques and why they absolutely work EVERY TIME; 
  • why the elusive search for a perfect work-life balance is driving us all crazy, and what we can do about it; 
  • how basic organisational and time management skills can help you beat the guilt when you start to procrastinate or you’re not achieving at the level that you want; 

  • why saying NO with confidence, is one of the most useful things you’ll ever learn to do (plus, you can check out our “30+ ways to say NO” downloadable pdf at; 
  • why comparison and social media are some of the biggest causes of guilt and feelings of inadequacy, and what you can do to stop it; 
  • how belief in yourself is the connection between confidence and guilt and why you absolutely MUST reduce one to increase the other.  

We loved this conversation and we can’t wait for you to hear it because we know there’s so much value in it for everyone. 

So, if you’re tired of feeling guilty or inadequate and you want to take your confidence to the next level and stop letting the guilt control your life, then THIS is the episode for you. 


Jodie & Anastasia  xx
RiSe Women


Conquer the Fear of Failure to Live a Life on Purpose - with Amy Eliza Wong

Conquer the Fear of Failure to Live a Life on Purpose - with Amy Eliza Wong

June 9, 2022

Join Jodie in this week’s inspiring conversation with Amy Eliza Wong - executive leadership coach, author and facilitator. Amy has devoted the last 20 years of her life to the study and practise of transformation and is a conversational intelligence certified coach who loves helping people find their truth and meaning. 

In this fantastic episode, you’ll discover: 

  • how the driving forces throughout her upbringing were kindness, hard-work and the right mindset and how her love of math and music transformed into a love of teaching, and brought her to where she is today; 
  • Amy’s simple but empowering definition of true confidence, how it leads to freedom and why you need to CHOOSE confidence, instead of constantly trying to PROVE it; 
  • how the fundamental and primal fear of rejection is processed by our brains and the ways that this can dictate the choices we make in life; 
  • how acceptance of kindness and the realisation that everyone has their own struggles, really can change the world; 
  • the series of questions that Amy asks her clients, to help them identify their fears and life obstacles, and help them move through and forward; 
  • how fear of the unknown is one of the key factors that stop people from transforming their lives; 
  • a simple and relatable breakdown of Carol Dweck’s incredible research on fixed vs growth mindset, and what this looks like in everyday life; 
  • why you MUST avoid the destructive and disempowering practice of mapping your inherent self-worth to your output and outcomes, and how this is entirely counterproductive to having a true growth mindset; 
  • how the fear of public speaking generates a surge of adrenaline that you should run TOWARDS, not away from, and the two words you MUST say to yourself to manage your nerves; 
  • the difference between nerves and nervousness and what you can do to distinguish between the two and control your reactions before a presentation; 
  • the 4 step process you MUST follow before public speaking, to find your focus and redirect your energy into your best presentation EVER.


It’s got neuroscience, life transformation practices, techniques to boost your confidence and SO MUCH MORE. So, if you’re going to listen to only ONE podcast this week, make it this one. We know you won’t regret it. 


Jodie & Anastasia  xx

RiSe Women


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The Confidence to Express Who You Are Through Design… with Zandra Zuraw

The Confidence to Express Who You Are Through Design… with Zandra Zuraw

May 26, 2022

What a fantastic episode we have for you this week. Jodie speaks with Zandra Zuraw - an Interior Design coach and the host of the podcast ‘Style Matters’, about how to have the confidence to express who you are through design. 

This conversation is so much fun and jam-packed full of ideas to help women with all forms of expression, to help them increase their confidence and get the most out of their homes. 


- why our homes MUST be a true expression of ourselves, especially now that they are the forum for both our personal and professional lives; 

- how having a meaningful conversation, where you contribute AND intentionally listen, can truly boost your confidence and generate incredible connections; 

- how her shift in perspective - from always feeling ‘unlucky’, to accepting responsibility and control over her life - changed EVERYTHING; 

- how self-reflection and confidence in knowing what you love (and why you love it), is at the heart of everything Zandra does in design and helping people create the home they really want to live in; 

- Zandra's tips on how to pick your favourite items in your home, play around with them, and create an environment and an experience that you’ll love EVERY DAY; 

- Zandra's ‘Slow Style’ 4-part framework, which she uses to help her clients discover their inner-designer and be inspired to make the right design decisions for their home; 

- why we need to keep our finger on the pulse of the different life-stages of our homes, to make sure we keep enjoying and celebrating them for many years and through many changes; 

- how your home reflects your likes, your strengths and your passions back to you, whenever you look around; 

- why we have to take this idea of ‘instant makeover’ off the table and take our time to design the home we truly want to live for. 

This conversation really is full of so much wisdom, great advice and amazing tips and tricks that will help you to design your home AND create the confidence, self-expression and life you’ve always wanted. 


Jodie & Anastasia  xx 
RiSe Women


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How to get Unstuck and Thrive in your 50’s - with Anne McKeown

How to get Unstuck and Thrive in your 50’s - with Anne McKeown

May 12, 2022

Join Jodie in this week’s episode where she interviews author and mindset coach Anne McKeown, who specialises in empowering women and helping them find success and happiness. 

This conversation is so insightful and relatable especially for women approaching the big 5-0 milestone, so don’t miss this episode, where you’ll find out all about: 

- how Anne’s NLP studies have shaped the way she coaches women to increase their confidence and live the life they’ve always wanted; 

- how to shift your perspective to focus on your strengths and where your passions lie, to increase your confidence and acknowledge your uniqueness; 

-  what Anne’s turning point in life was, and what she did to pivot, find her meaning and purpose, and move her life forward in the direction that she really wanted to go; 

- how fear, doubt and hesitation almost stopped her from using her knowledge and talents to help other women; 

- the NLP techniques she shared with her empowerment group, to help them thrive both personally and professionally, and also helped her to rediscover her own strengths; 

- why feeling like a negative role model for her daughters led to the realisation that she needed to start walking her talk; 

- the value of having a community to support and encourage you, particularly if you suddenly find yourself living the life of an isolated empty-nester; 

- how fear of the unknown and uncertainty later in life, coupled with a change in hormones, is the perfect storm for a tumultuous period in life, and what it looks like on the other side of menopause; 

- how the pressures and expectations of society, and a decline in respect for older women, have contributed to the fears and doubts experienced by so many women after 50; 

- Anne’s ‘THINK’ methodology, to help you press the pause button on your brain, separate your thoughts from your feelings, and shift your mindset to avoid negative thoughts and behaviours; 

- how to use your body to change your mind; 

- an incredible tip for how to reset your mind’s clock at 50, and rediscover the joys, wonders and exploration of a child’s mind. 

This is such a great topic for so many women who are feeling a little stuck in life, and who are looking for ways to boost their confidence and find meaning and purpose in their lives, no matter what their age or stage in life. 

Jodie & Anastasia  xx
RiSe Women


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Don’t Take Other People’s Cr@p Personally!

Don’t Take Other People’s Cr@p Personally!

April 28, 2022

We are SO excited about this episode and we know you will be too, because it was so much fun to talk about, but also such an important skill for all of us to have. 

Join Jodie and Anastasia on this episode of the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, where they discuss how to NOT take other people’s cr@p personally. 

In this fun and insightful conversation, you’ll learn all about: 

- why it’s CRUCIAL to have empathy for others if you want to STOP taking their cr@p personally; 

- the fact that, no matter how much you THINK you know someone and what they’re going through, you never really do; 

- what our automatic ‘default’ thought is, when we get advice we didn’t ask for, or an opinion we don’t like; 

- what it looks like to get stuck in a downward spiral of miscommunication, overthinking and frustration; 

- the true definition of empathy and how it relates to our relationships with others, on so many different levels; 

- the confronting question you need to ask yourself when it comes to a lack of empathy, a miscommunication or a misunderstanding; 

- our go-to technique for NEVER taking someone else’s cr@p personally (and yes, it always works!); 

- why it’s SO important to be ready with YOUR go-to technique in your head, to deal with situations in the moment (because it’s just too hard to come up with a technique at the time that you really need it); 

- the type of person you DON’T want to be, and how to prevent it; 

- and so much more. 

This really is a great conversation that will help you, your friends, your family, your colleagues and basically, ANYONE who has ever had to deal with someone else’s cr@p in their life. 

And once you’ve listened to this episode, get in touch on our socials and share what techniques YOU use, to not take other people’s cr@p personally. We’d love to know! ;) 

X Jodie & Anastasia 
RiSe Women


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Maintaining your confidence, through fear and change… with Nore Hoogstad

Maintaining your confidence, through fear and change… with Nore Hoogstad

April 14, 2022

Welcome to this week’s podcast, where Anastasia speaks with a woman who has experienced fear and change in so many different settings. 

In this episode, Anastasia speaks with Nore Hoogstad - a former diplomat, political advisor and press secretary, turned author, nutritional therapist and transformational coach. 

Join Anastasia and Nore as they discuss: 

- her experience whilst posted to Jakarta and East Timor in the turbulent late 1990’s and how they are portrayed through her debut novel Gunfire Lullabies; 

 - how she’s transitioned into an entirely new career as a nutritional therapist and transformational coach, and what it took to do that; 

- the inextricable connection between your physical wellbeing your mental health and mindset and why you can’t have one without the other; 

- why we need to stop ‘blaming’ ourselves for our mental health challenges and re-consider the concept of ‘You are what you eat.’ 

- the moral dilemma addressed in Gunfire Lullabies and throughout her experiences in Jakarta and East Timor - whether to do what’s right or what’s easy, the sense of duty over moral responsibilities; 

- how your brain responds to all types of fear, and which confidence building techniques Nore used to manage her physical, mental and professional fears; 

- an incredible breathing technique that Nore uses to manage the fight or flight state. 


This episode addresses a number of different topics, with so many great insights and techniques that Nore has applied in many different social and professional settings, so we know there’ll be something in this conversation for everyone. 


X Jodie & Anastasia
RiSe Women


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Humanity ALWAYS works better, in the workplace and in life! …with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

Humanity ALWAYS works better, in the workplace and in life! …with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

March 31, 2022

What an episode we have today, with not one, but TWO incredible women! 

Our first guest is Kate Roeske-Zummer - with a background as an account manager in the advertising industry, Kate is currently coaching people and working with organisations around vulnerability-based leadership, to help remove roadblocks and increase productivity. 

Our second guest is Debbie Cohen - a former teacher and leader in early childhood educations programs, who is fascinated by human growth and evolution, and now helps people and organisations transform by tapping into the power of human connection. 

Join Jodie as she speaks with Kate and Debbie about how to be more productive, embrace change and become a better human. 

This amazing and insightful interview takes a deep dive into: 

- Kate and Debbie’s tips on how to instantly apply their practical and game-changing skills, straight after reading their book, Humanity Works Better

- a new perspective on ‘winging it’ and why we ALL need to be doing it, if we want to move forward in our lives; 

- why being brave and not worrying about ‘being right’ is one of the best ways to become self-expressed and boost your confidence; 

- a transformational insight by Debbie around honouring your fundamental values through your behavior, and how this became her quiet foundation of confidence; 

- why people should pause and reflect more often, on their values and behaviours, and intentionally live their truth; 

- why people often equate vulnerability and authenticity in the workplace with weakness, and why this needs to change in order for people to become more ‘human’; 

- how the fear of rejection often underlies the decisions that many people make in the workplace, which can lead to a toxic and unproductive environment; 

-  which mindsets can hold you back from intentionally becoming a powerful and effective leader; 

- how women can change the narrative of becoming more confident and powerful in the workplace, by creating meaningful connections; 

- how working from home and the entire Covid experience has created a collective vulnerability that we can all connect on; 

- the two fronts of career progression, and why you need to be able to attach ‘what you do’ to ‘why it matters; 

- an incredible story about a children’s playground fence, and the impact it has on how people interact and relate to themselves and each other. 


This episode is for EVERY woman who has ever craved a meaningful connection, and who KNOWS that being more ‘human’ in the workplace (and in life) can change absolutely EVERYTHING!

Jodie & Anastasia  xx
RiSe Women


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How to have a successful divorce and emerge with confidence… with Karen McMahon

How to have a successful divorce and emerge with confidence… with Karen McMahon

March 17, 2022

Divorce is hard, but it’s important that women emerge from divorce with confidence! 

Join Jodie as she speaks with Karen McMahon - a Relationship and Divorce coach, host of the Journey Beyond Divorce podcast, co-author, and creator of the Journey Beyond Divorce 12 step recovery program. 

Unfortunately, many of us either go through a divorce at some stage, or know someone who has, so this conversation is really valuable to so many women. 

Join Jodie and Karen, as they discuss: 

- the 3 C’s you should aim for - Calm, Clear and Confident; 

- how self-doubt, a sense of failure and a fear of the unknown gets people stuck in the ‘should I end or should I mend’ space; 

- why ‘staying together for the children’ will often cause more damage than good; 

- how our behaviours in a damaged marriage, will dictate and teach our children what ‘intimate love’ looks like; 

- why external support and therapists are invaluable to help you in your journey to recovery and give you an outside perspective on toxic behaviours; 

- how the best thing you can do is to let the outside world in, because they won’t be fooled by the behaviours you have become accustomed to; 

- how to have full agency over everything you think, feel and say and set powerful boundaries with confidence; 

- why speaking honestly, with kindness and compassion, is the best way to maintain healthy relationships; 

- how keeping the focus on YOU is the key to getting through the 12-step program to a successful divorce; 

- Step 7, which deals with how to rekindle confidence by managing all the ‘fear’ stories that come out of a divorce. 

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the amazing tips, tricks and insights that have come out of this conversation, but we know that there is someone in your world who needs them right now, so please feel free to share with your network. 

Building your confidence WILL help you to manage the conflict and pain of a divorce, and also support you to emerge from divorce with confidence.  

Because we know, With Confidence... ANYTHING is possible! 

X Jodie & Anastasia 
RiSe Women 


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How to scrap boring goals, create powerful habits and WIN!

How to scrap boring goals, create powerful habits and WIN!

March 3, 2022

Welcome back, to the Secrets of Confident Women podcast for 2022! 

We’ve got an amazing episode to kick-start this season and help you make 2022 your best year yet. 

Join Jodie and Anastasia as they discuss a topic that we could all use a little help with - how to scrap those boring and unrealistic goals, how to create powerful and lasting habits, and how to win in 2022! 

In this practical and super-useful conversation, Jodie and Anastasia discuss: 

- what a goal should REALLY look like if you want to be inspired and excited about it; 

- 3 powerful elements of a goal that you can confidently put into action straight away; 

- the skills and techniques you absolutely need to create the right goals for you, that can take your career, your business or your life to the next level; 

- real-life examples of how to implement your new techniques, and personal stories that PROVE these techniques actually work; 

- the key element you need to remember if you want to achieve and succeed in life; 

- how to combat obstacles and set-backs to guarantee that the power of your goals will ALWAYS be stronger than the power of your excuses; 

- why achieving your goals - whether they are big or small - will ALWAYS increase your confidence; 

- and who you should turn to when you need a little help to make the magic happen. 

There are SO many incredible insights and practical tips in this episode that we know you’ll love, so if you’re ready to up the stakes in 2022 and make this the year that you accomplish, achieve and win, then THIS episode is definitely for you. 

We’re so excited to be back, bringing you everything you need to know to build your confidence and live the life you truly want because, as we always say... 

With Confidence... ANYTHING is possible! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


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Celebrating the Best of 2021

Celebrating the Best of 2021

December 16, 2021

Yay! We’ve made it through another year of the RiSe Women Secrets of Confident Women podcast, and what an INCREDIBLE year it’s been! 

Of course, we’ve all had a challenging year for so many reasons, but every guest on our podcast brought something amazing to our lives and we’re SO happy to share the BEST and most insightful moments with you in our 2021 Wrap-Up episode. 

In the last conversation of 2021, join Jodie and Anastasia to: 

- find out what our most listened-to podcast for 2021 was; 

- discover (or re-discover) amazing tips, tricks and techniques around nailing it in an interview, thriving through adversity, how to manage perfectionism and imposter syndrome and SO much more! 

- explore some of the amazing ways that all of our incredible guests motivate themselves, to make intentional and lasting change in their lives; 

- hear all the best answers to the question “What does Confidence mean to you?” 

- discover Jodie and Anastasia’s highlights and the moment that brought Jodie to tears (literally); 

- find out the main themes that we heard come up over and over again, in ALL of our interviews; 

- listen to the best RiSe Women Power Question responses; 

- celebrate the learning, growth and personal development that we’ve all experienced in the past year, with the help of these inspiring conversations.  

If there’s one podcast episode you want to listen to, to finish off 2021 with a BANG, make it this one. 

It will inspire and uplift you, and leave you feeling strong and empowered, and there’s no better way to start a new year, with new dreams and new aspirations. 

From both of us at RiSe Women, enjoy the holiday break, spend time with loved ones, relax and recharge. 

We can’t wait to come back bigger and better than ever in 2022, with even MORE amazing SECRETS OF CONFIDENT WOMEN. 

But til then, always remember... Be YOU!  We like her BEST!


x Jodie & Anastasia

Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful… with Becca Powers

Harness Your Inner CEO to be Happy AND Successful… with Becca Powers

November 18, 2021

If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, undervalued and unappreciated, then THIS episode is definitely for YOU! And it’s for EVERY woman whose default setting is stuck on BUSY! 

In today’s episode, Jodie speaks with Becca Powers - a high-achieving and award-winning sales executive, and the author of the incredible new book ‘Harness your Inner CEO’

Becca dropped out of college, became a single mum of two by 28, has worked for Fortune 500 giants, has won awards and managed teams and now she’s a motivational speaker who helps women prioritise themselves, rediscover their worth and become the CEO of their own lives. 

Join Jodie and Becca in this candid and insightful conversation about: 

- Becca’s powerful working mantra and how an ex-boss inspired the birth of her book title; 

- how Becca’s life took a complete turn whilst she was on the bathroom floor; 

- what a ‘sacrifice mindset’ is, how it led her to 2 anxiety disorders, an autoimmune disease and hair loss, and why ‘powering through’ is sometimes the worst thing you can do; 

- why the life of your dreams shouldn’t come at an unsustainable price, and why women should NEVER have to choose between success and happiness; 

- why learning to say NO is as awkward and uncomfortable as brushing your teeth with the other hand, but is CRUCIAL to reclaiming power and control over your life; 

- Becca’s ‘unders and overs’ and the power of the word ‘AND’; 

- how to wear many different hats at the SAME time (mum, corporate career woman, friend, etc), how to feel present in the moment and how to stop feeling guilty about it all; 

- how to find the right order when it comes to prioritising yourself, your health and your well-being, and the difference between ‘structure’ and ‘rules’; 

- how and why you MUST create your own fan club to stay confident and have a back-up plan when you start to second guess yourself; 


This episode is incredibly powerful and sadly, one that we can ALL relate to because as women, most of us have been in a position of overwhelm, guilt and despair at some point in our lives. 

So, if you’re feeling like you’re about to hit rock-bottom or you know what it feels like to ALWAYS be busy but still always feel like you’re not doing enough, then this is definitely the episode for you because Becca’s transformation WILL inspire and motivate you. 


x Jodie & Anastasia



How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

How Empowered Women can Empower Women and Change the World!… with Jane Finette

October 28, 2021

If you’re a woman who LOVES empowering other women, then THIS is the episode for you!!! 

Join Jodie as she interviews Jane Finette - the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a Certified Professional Coach and the author of Unlocked - How Empowered Women Empower Women. 

Join Jodie and Jane in this inspiring interview, as they discuss: 

- what research actually confirms about the real-life global benefits of women empowering women; 

- how comparison and self-doubt led to insights about the type of leader she was and the type of leader she WANTED to be; 

- why MEN also need to see, and be empowered by, women in leadership positions; 

- why trying to be someone you’re not, and not aligning with your values, is like trying to hold a beach-ball under water - exhausting and pointless; 

- the inspiration behind - Unlocked - and why Jane felt compelled to write a book about hope, positivity and empowerment, during a time when the world seems disillusioned and lost; 

- why trust is crucial when it comes to empowerment, because your words and actions will have ripple effects that you may NEVER know about; 

- why small daily and multiple acts of feminism are critical for female empowerment, because if you help one woman, you help ALL women; 

- the frightening statistics related to the 36-year loss of progress for women in 2020 alone, due to the Covid 19 pandemic; 

- Jane’s perspective on how to create and maintain your own confidence, and also how to help other women create and maintain theirs; 

- why it’s SO important for women to end the secrecy, break the rules and talk about money (and share how to generate, manage, invest and increase it) to create financial independence. 


This SUCH an amazing episode and so inspiring to listen to, because it gives us a great starting point from which to have these really powerful conversations about female empowerment, gender equality and positive progress.


x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Jane 
Website - The Coaching Fellowship
LinkedIn - Jane Finette
Purchase the Book - Unlocked 


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Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential – with Renie Cavallari

Dump your HeadTrash and Live Your Full Potential – with Renie Cavallari

October 14, 2021

Join Jodie and her exciting guest - Renie Cavallari - as they discuss something that we ALL struggle with (yes, YOU too!) - that incessant, taunting and destructive internal negative voice, or as Renie calls it - our Head Trash! 

Renie is a speaker, an avid traveller, an aspiring jazz flutist, the CEO of a global transformational training company, the founder of the RCI Institute and the author of 6 books, one of which is titled ‘Head Trash - The Leading Killer of Human Potential’. 

In today’s episode, Jodie and Renie take a deep dive into: 

- the impact that our Head Trash has on our confidence and how it manipulates our ego, our emotions and our creativity; 

- why she turned down a promotion AND quit from her high-flying corporate job.... on the same day; 

- how our ego and other people’s thoughts influence our inner voice and our life choices and why some people can tap into their potential and others find it SO elusive; 

- why connection is the key to being a better human being (find out more about this at @14:38); 

- TPM - find out what it is and why Renie runs her company based on these 3 little letters; 

- how the negative imprint from a Head Trash session after a presentation lasted for years, and still have her obsessed with what to wear at presentations - check it out @22:17; 

- the actual definition of Head Trash @26:47; 

- the sudden death of her brother when she was only 4 years old, and the imprints that this experience left on her @29:05; 

- an alternative definition of compassion @35:00 which is SO relevant to the state of the world right now; 

- a quick insight into the top 29 tools to help you manage your Head Trash @42.43; 

- self-awareness and self-reflection - how your feelings and thoughts are interconnected, and how they both lead to your actions; 

- discovering your BIG LIE and how that is the key to uncovering your true potential; 

And there’s SO much more that this episode has in store for you. Renie is fantastic to listen to and we KNOW this conversation will give you so many A-HA moments and confidence insights. 

Join Jodie and Renie and learn how to manage your Head Trash once and for all! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Renie
Website -
Discover Your BIG LIE™ Assessment -


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How to Achieve When You‘re Told You Can‘t - with Kelly Lewis

How to Achieve When You‘re Told You Can‘t - with Kelly Lewis

September 30, 2021

This week, Jodie interviews women’s travel entrepreneur, empowerment leader and author of the fantastic new book - Tell Her She Can’t - Kelly Lewis.

In this exciting conversation, Jodie and Kelly talk about:

- Kelly’s book - Tell Her She Can’t - which includes the incredible stories of 35 women, who were told they couldn’t... but then DID; 

- how an early childhood surrounded by abuse forced her to step up and be resilient, defiant and strong; 

- how a conversation with her mother, when she was only 11 years old, drove her to become the creator of her own life; 

- why always looking back on (and celebrating) your achievements is a great way to keep building your confidence; 

- the strength and confidence that comes from travelling the world (especially on your own) and why it makes you feel unstoppable; 

- why ‘I can’t’ is often code for ‘I’m scared’ and how that impacts your life; 

- the sad reality of living your life fighting against other people’s limiting beliefs and learning to trust your own passion and abilities instead; 

- how to remove the block-makers (aka the ‘naysayers’) from your life, to live your best and most self-expressed life and why finding ‘stillness’ is so important; 

- how they both started their personal development journeys from the SAME starting point; 

- AND... the special story behind the dedication in Kelly’s book (it even made Jodie tear-up); 

Kelly has an incredible attitude towards control over your life and building your confidence and we know this interview will give you some really great feel-good a-ha moments. 


Jodie & Anastasia


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From Super Shy to Super Confident - with Lauren Yeates

From Super Shy to Super Confident - with Lauren Yeates

September 16, 2021

Join Jodie as she interviews Lauren Yeates - celebrity interviewer, entertainment reporter and the owner of Rave It Up, an Australian-owned platform and podcast that provides Celebrity News, Reviews and Interviews.  

In this great conversation that showcases Lauren’s incredible transformation, Jodie and Lauren discuss: 

- how Lauren began her journey and her business in interviewing celebrities (it all started with her number one Justin Bieber fan club and the Justice Crew); 

- how she went from really caring what other people thought, to growing her confidence to a point where she couldn’t care less; 

- why living within the boundaries of her comfort zone was holding her back, and which event she attended at 15 years old, that changed her life forever; 

- how insights and a-ha moments can propel you forward and change the course of your life in ways you could never imagine; 

- Lauren’s toolbox of techniques to help her break-away from her shy-girl persona and be the confident woman she always wanted to be; 

- the power that social media has over us, and how to create healthier online habits; 

- how she boosts her confidence before a celebrity interview and what she does to make sure she has  prepared the best questions possible; 

- why you need to own, and really feel, ALL your emotions (yes, even the bad ones) if you want to be able to work through them; 

This inspiring interview with a fun and insightful woman will be a great way to get yourself into a really positive headspace, so make sure you don’t miss this one (and don’t forget to share it with all your friends)! 

x Jodie & Anastasia


Connect with Lauren

Facebook: @raveitupshow
Instagram: @raveituptv


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Why you ABSOLUTELY must manage your Comparison Syndrome!

Why you ABSOLUTELY must manage your Comparison Syndrome!

September 2, 2021

So, if you’re an Aussie, you’ll know that... in Sydney, we’re well and truly into our 3rd month of continuous lockdown at the time that this episode was recorded. We’re all losing our minds, we’re cleaning out cupboards we didn’t even know we had, and we’re spending waaaay too much time on social media. Which means, we’re opening ourselves up to the horrifying Comparison Syndrome. 

Yep - every time you look at what some else has, is doing, or has achieved and you compare it to what YOU have, are doing or have achieved, you are suffering from Comparison Syndrome.... and it needs to STOP! 

Join Jodie and Anastasia in this episode where they have a really insightful, open and honest conversation about what Comparison Syndrome looks like and what you can do to stop it. 


You’ll learn: 

- what Comparison Syndrome really is, why we ALL suffer from it (yes, you too!) and how it can affect every aspect of our lives; 

- what the opposite of Comparison Syndrome is and why you’re DEFINITELY better off doing that instead; 

- a great story about when Jodie realised she was suffering from Comparison Syndrome, while she was actually lecturing her son about not doing the same thing; 

- why comparing your journey to someone else’s is actually counter-productive, completely demotivating and just a complete waste of time; 

- how badly comparison damages your confidence and why it’s NEVER apples vs apples when you’re comparing yourself to someone else; 

- why you should pretend to be an elite athlete and ALWAYS strive for your own PB; 

- and.... 5 fantastic confidence-building techniques that will help you to stop comparing INSTANTLY! 


This episode WILL help you with lockdown, with social media comparisons and with your life in general, because it will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to stop comparison and just get on with living your best life possible. 

So, join Jodie and Anastasia and stop Comparison Syndrome once and for all! 


Jodie & Anastasia  x


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Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back - with health journalist, Casey Beros

Making mistakes and ALWAYS having your own back - with health journalist, Casey Beros

August 19, 2021

What a fun new episode we have for you! 

Join Jodie this week as she interviews health journalist, tv presenter, magazine contributor, mum, parallel-parking champion and author of “The Bad Girl’s Guide to Good Better” - Casey Beros. 

In this funny and colourful interview, Jodie and Casey have a fantastic conversation about: 

- how her curiosity has led her to become a conduit between customers and clinicians, to help people navigate the science-heavy information people often receive when it comes to their health; 

- how she helps people distinguish between opinions and scientific and medical reality, especially in the current climate of social-media led gullibility; 

- why being in someone’s life... and allowing others into your life... is a privilege, and not to be taken lightly; 

- why having nerves before doing something important is CRUCIAL to perform at your best; 

- why she’s terrified about the idea of her life ending too soon and the fact that life is too short to waste any more time carrying around your mistakes; 

- how she incorporates perspective, gratitude and regular reality checks into her day-to-day life because.... the past cannot be re-written, so the best option is to bring your ‘old’ selves with you; 

- research-based data on the number of serious secrets people carry around with them at any given time (this will definitely surprise you); 

- why you need to separate WHAT you’ve done from WHO you are and why it’s futile to worry about worrying; 

- Casey’s take on the 4 A’s of Anxiety (you’ll find theses at @25.45) and how the 3rd A is actually a good one; 

- a great analogy about comparison syndrome and why it’s just like buying a house; 

- Casey’s 2 top tips about how to stop worrying about what other people think; 

- why you might never have the friendships out of Sex & the City, and that’s ok (even scientific research says so).


This really is one of the best conversations EVER with a woman who is her own biggest critic AND fan! And she can teach you why you should be too. 

It’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s raw and it has great energy so make sure you take 46mins out of your time this week and join Jodie and Casey for a BFF chat that you won’t regret.


Jodie & Anastasia  x


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